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Defective product design, manufacturing defects, improper or inadequate warning labels or instructions for use, can lead to serious injuries or death.  All too often, product manufacturers take shortcuts, or fail to implement proven safety measures, sacrificing product safety for profit.

In our modern consumer economy, we inevitably come into contact many times each day with products that were designed, manufactured, and sold by companies all across the globe. Unfortunately, many of these companies emphasize low cost of production, sacrificing safety. That puts consumers and their families in danger. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed or injured each year as the result of product defects.

Types of Defective Product Cases

Defective product cases fall primarily into three separate types:

  1. Defective design
  2. Defects in manufacturing
  3. Failure to warn or instruct

Many cases may involve more than one of these theories. At the Hogan Law Firm, we are experienced at handling a variety of product cases, and understand the particular aspects of different kinds of product defect cases.

Many defective product cases involve legal issues that span the country or the globe. Almost as important as choosing the right law firm to handle a products case is selecting the right experts to analyze the product failure and help the jury to understand the mechanical and scientific principals involved. We work closely with experts in many different disciplines to break a case down into its fundamental building blocks, and then create a first-class presentation to instruct the jury and the court about the important aspects of the case.

If you believe you have a case where injury resulted from a defective product, please call us today for a free consultation.


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